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Why Us?

Why choose Apple HomeKit™ and Siri™ with Housemate over other solutions and installers?

1. One app written by the most recognised tech brand in the world
Operate the entire home using Apple HomeKit via an iPhone, iPad or iWatch. With Siri built in this delivers voice control of any connected accessory in the house. The Home app gets an upgrade every October with the new iOS release each year.

2. Design sensitive
No need for unsightly control panels mounted on the wall, no need for specific light switches or fittings. Housemate’s solution brings accessories from different manufacturers together.

3. Brand agnostic
Housemate are not affiliated to any particular brand, we work with many different types of garage door manufacturers, light switches, AV equipment, Air conditioners, blind motors, etc. Huge number of integrations available to connect products available in the market.

4. Lower cost of entry to automation
Housemate doesn't import expensive proprietary controllers from overseas or pay hefty licensing costs which are passed onto the consumer. This removes costly barriers to entry and allows clients to realise the benefits of automation at a much lower cost point. Housemate doesn’t have warehousing or storage costs because orders are placed when clients are ready.

5. Local proactive support available
Housemate offers proactive software maintenance (and updates) including support that will get in touch if something goes offline (and will attempt to fix remotely). We don’t operate on a break and then fix arrangement that many suppliers rely upon. Site visits only necessary when remote support can not restore the accessory.

6. Scalable and resilient
Individual products stand on their own and Apple HomeKit sits across the top. This is very different from other systems that are architected to be entirely operated from one central controller resulting in a higher rate of failure/unreliability. Accessories can all be operated manually if internet connection to the house is lost. (5G backup modem can alleviate the dependency on a single NBN connection). Accessories can easily be added to the solution at any time even after the build is completed.

7. Very user friendly
The interface is so intuitive it empowers clients to come up to speed with the interface very quickly, and program Scenes and Automations themselves not requiring third party/installer involvement.

8. Secure
Apple is the most secure of the three big platforms with end to end encryption for all communication. Apple do not sell your data onto third parties like Google, Amazon and others do.

9. Sum of the parts
Having all accessories under one app allows the client to create an infinite number of Scenes or Automations. Eg: last person to leave the house automatically arm the alarm, put the blinds down, and turn the thermostat down or off.


House-Mate Home Automation 2023