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Smart Lighting

Control lights with Homekit™ and Siri™

Smart lighting solutions can be installed into existing homes or new homes. Control lights using HomeKit™ or by using voice assistants like Siri™, Google Home, or Alexa. 

In-wall wifi light switches are available that control all lights on a circuit. Set your lights to any desired brightness level with ease at the touch of a button or by voice. Alternatively purchase individual smart light bulbs or strip lights. Nanoleaf smart light panels are very popular.

Control lights using an automated scene. When the bathroom lights are activated between 11pm & 6am only illuminate to 20%, or when the garage door is opened at night turn on the entrance and hallway lights automatically for 10 minutes.

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Keep your wall switches 

House-Mate smart lighting solutions can use your existing wall plates and switches. No need to change your existing wall plates... keeping the cost down and maintaining the aesthetic of your home.


In-wall wifi switches

WiFi in-wall switches are installed by qualified electricians behind your existing wall plates.
Their size is ~40mm x 40mm x 22mm depending on model. All meet strict AU design standards.


Dimming compatibility

Dimmable switches are available. If your existing bulbs and/or transformers are dimmable you can instruct Siri to dim the lights too! Holding the switch down at the wall plate will dim the lights. Double click the switch and they become fully illuminated.


HomeKit interface

Instruct HomeKit by voice or alternatively use the rich interface presented on your phone to control multiple light circuits.

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