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Smart Irrigation

Control irrigation valves using HomeKit™ and Siri™

The smart irrigation controller is connected to the Wi-Fi network and enables control of sprinklers using HomeKit™ or Siri™.

The best smart irrigation solutions automatically adjust watering every day based on localised weather information (rainfall, temperature, wind and evaporation).

Conveniently operate your sprinklers from anywhere in the world using the HomeKit™ app or by voice using Siri™. Google and Alexa solutions are also available. 

Smart sprinkler controllers can cut down water usage by up to 50% compared to conventional systems.  Only water when and where it’s needed. Cycle any watering zone(s) at the touch of a button or via voice command. "Hey Siri, water the front lawn".

Modernising water management means healthier gardens, lower water & energy consumption. Smart irrigation delivers a thriving and lush landscape.

Article: Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Irrigation


Solenoid to control zones

Control multiple zones that easily connect to standard 24v solenoids available at any reputable hardware store. 
Configuration supports a master zone if needed.


Scheduling and rain delay

Set individual zone schedules; set days, start times and durations.  Automatic delay if probability of rain is high.


HomeKit interface

Simple touch control of each zone within HomeKit at your fingertips.

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