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Comments from our clients about the Housemate autoimation experience

House-mate smart pool and spa solutions connect pool controllers to your Wi-Fi network enabling full control via HomeKit™ or Siri™.

Pool and spa automation will simplify your pool maintenance, save money on your energy bills, prevent damage to your pool equipment, and ultimately save you valuable time.  

Control pool and spa water temperature, lights, pumps, filtration, and even chemicals automatically.  You can manage and control your pool settings from wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

Heat up the spa before you come home so it is ready for you to jump straight in!


St.Kilda Triple Storey

"Andrew and his team brought our old CBUS installation into the modern world and also incorporated other devices that were already in the house. We can now control CBUS via Apple HomeKit as well as our Acmeda blinds, projector and motorised screen. The team also added additional wifi switches to light circuits that were not part of the CBUS installation. We also needed to call on House-Mate for warranty of the CBUS interface and Andrew organised its replacement. We are now considering expanding the solution to include the garage door and outside heating panels. Highly recommended!" - Vjera K


Caulfield North

"Absolute value for money. Andrew and the team procured a lighting solution, security access, A/V. Everything integrates just beautifully and works well thru the HomeKit app. Really simple to install and the consultants we dealt with are professional and knew their stuff thoroughly. Very supportive. Highly Recommended. We are looking to do more and expand the solution."
- Daniel S.



"Andrew and his team sought to understand what I wanted and worked seamlessly with my builder and various trades to implement a solution that we are wrapped with. The professionalism was notable from the get go, and when it came to implementation and handover all of my questions were addressed. We are now looking to Housemate to put automation into our other house."
- David H.



"Life’s Good! A huge thanks to Andrew and House-mate for seamlessly retrofitting my house for home automation. The benefits are immense, I am saving costs on power as well as being environmentally friendly at the same time. The convenience of being able to control blinds, heater/air con and bed blankets upstairs is immeasurable."
- Rochelle


House-Mate Home Automation 2023