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CBUS-HomeKit Integration

Control CBUS using HomeKit™ and Siri™ from anywhere

Connect your CBUS instance to Apple HomeKit™ and use Siri™ to control any connected accessory in the house.

Do you have an CBUS system with a clunky app that is difficult to operate on your phone?  Why not integrate it into HomeKit and easily control the behaviour of any connected accessory via Apple's intuitive HomeKit app or by voice. It's very simple to program your own Scenes or Automations using HomeKit. 

The HouseMate controller bridges connectivity between your CBUS installation and your local network. Our service includes all installation, programming and configuration of your Groups and Devices, including an in home handover that shows owners how to easily customise their solution.


First step

The HouseMate controller is compatible with newer and older CBUS solutions. If your system is a Wiser2 solution it can easily be connected, as can older solutions via a bridge called the CBUS Network Interface (CNI). It can be installed by a qualified CBUS electrician.


Keep your CBUS switches

Existing wall switches can be kept and their functionality maintained with additional control provided via voice or from your iPhone using Apple HomeKit.


Mix CBUS with other tech in your home

Want CBUS to control the thermostat too? Or perhaps the irrigation, or some additonal power points, or the TV?  With this technology you can as CBUS objects are blended with any other devices and presented together within HomeKit.


House-Mate Home Automation 2023