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House-Mate Automation 

Smart home solutions & installation

Control lighting, alarm system & security cameras, blinds, irrigation, thermostats, garage door & gates, pool & spa, AV equipment and more... from anywhere for optimal convenience, security, and peace of mind.

Smart home control | Suits existing homes or new builds | Delivers a truly integrated system.

Specialists in home automation. You choose whether your intelligent connected home is Apple HomeKit™, Google Home™, or Amazon Alexa™.

Home control using one voice enabled app

Start to change the way you interact with your connected home today with many different home products to choose from.

House-Mate House-Mate House-Mate

Lighting control system. Easily operate light circuits, dim or control without being at home at all. Have lights illuminate to a set level between selected times; set the bathroom lights to operate at 10% brightness between midnight and 5am. Schedule lights to turn on or off for added security, or simply say "Hey Siri, turn off the downstairs lights" to switch off multiple circuits at once. More about smart lighting here

Smart window furnishings can be opened or closed on demand, or programmed to operate automatically according to temperature, time of day, or even when the alarm is armed/disarmed. Existing motorised blinds or curtains can be integrated. Alternatively instruct blinds to operate by voice: "Hey Siri, close the west facing blinds". More about smart blinds here


Smart alarm system that automatically arms itself when the last person leaves, or disarms itself when the first person arrives at home. Answer the doorbell using your phone from anywhere. Access CCTV security camera vision with real time notifications of any movement or intrusion. More about smart security here

Smart irrigation controls garden watering via a programmable schedule capable of delaying watering automatically if rain is forecasted in your specific area. Alternatively, turn on/off the sprinklers instantly on demand from HomeKit or control the system by voice: “Hey Siri, water the back garden for 10 minutes”. Save water and money with sprinkler automation. More about smart irrigation here

Smart Heating and Cooling
Smart thermostats can save a lot of money on energy bills. Turn the thermostat on remotely ahead of arriving home so the house is at the perfect temperature, or alternatively turn it off if you've left home in a hurry and forgot. Bring compatible existing air conditioning or central heating systems into the smart home. More about smart thermostats here

Smart Entertainment
Control your TV, projector, or amplifier via HomeKit.  Capture regularly used buttons from your remote controls and operate them via your phone or by voice. "Hey Siri, turn on TV". More about smart remote control here 


Smart Garage Door
Control garage doors or gates via HomeKit, query their status easily from anywhere. Open the garage to accept delivieries. Compatible with most common brands of garage door or gate motors. Put away the old battery operated remote control fob and instruct the garage door from within your car by saying "Hey Siri, open the garage door". More about smart garage doors here

Smart Pool and Spa
Control any swimming pool or spa functions such as temperature, pumps, chlorination. Pre-heat the spa before you come home. "Hey Siri, set the spa temperature to 35 degrees". More about smart pool and spa here


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