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We get alot of questions and thought it best to share the answers from the most frequently asked.

  1. WHO MAINTAINS THE SOFTWARE? HOW OFTEN ARE PATCHES RELEASED? The platform is being continually developed, protected, and improved by our technicians and patches are periodically released once they have passed rigorous testing and certification.
  2. WHAT NETWORKING EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED? Any late generation router is sufficient. Remote support does require a port to be opened, some clients prefer to leave that port open, others prefer to open it when remote support is called upon. The latter is more suited to technically inclined clients who know how to log onto their router and open/close ports.
  3. WHAT HAPPENS IF I MOVE HOUSE? CAN YOU TRANSFER THE SYSTEM TO THE NEW OWNERS? Our details are on the side of the controller. If you were to move house, we can configure the system for the new owners when they move in. An annual maintenance plan must be valid/active for this to occur. The industry is moving quickly in this space and in future this will be easier once the major players are all talking to one another.
  4. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE HOUSE IS SUDDENLY DEPRIVED OF POWER? Products will not work when power unexpectedly drops. When power is restored, all aspects of the system will automatically reinitialise themselves and become operational again (assuming your Wi-Fi router restores itself). If you have any issues after experiencing a power outage, please contact our support desk.
  5. DOES THE SYSTEM FUNCTION WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS? The platform presents as a combination of hard wired and Wi-Fi connectivity, including ZigBee connectivity. If your Wi-Fi is operational but internet access is down, you will have local control of Wi-Fi and hard-wired components. If you are not at home controlling the house or getting an updated status on any device won't occur until the internet connection is restored. If you require a more robust setup with redundant internet, we can put you in touch with IT technicians that can meet this requirement.
  6. IS THE PLATFORM SECURE? HOW DO I AUTHENTICATE? The platform itself uses 2 factor authentication so only our technicians can access the platform itself remotely for support. Controlling the system is performed via HomeKit on your phone.  Outside of your network it authenticates using your AppleID and password, therefore ensuring only those invited to control the house can do so. Any switches that join your Wi-Fi network are authenticated using WPA-PSK (a secure authentication protocol that many IoT products use when accessing Wi-Fi networks).
  7. DO YOUR CAMERAS OFFER CLOUD STORAGE? Cameras we use can do both local recording (with an SD card) or cloud recording (which comes with a subscription fee).
  8. CAN COMPONENTS STILL BE CONTROLLED MANUALLY? All existing light switches or power points in your house can be used as usual. No need to replace them. Televisions and door locks still operate as they would without HomeKit, as do TVs, air conditioners, remote controls, thermostats, etc.  Irrigation is performed exclusively via HomeKit and cannot be accessed manually.
  10. WHAT HARDWARE CAN THE PLATFORM BE INSTALLED ON? Currently we only support on Apple iOS devices. Android application is in development.
  11. I’VE MISPLACED MY IPHONE. HOW DO I ENSURE NOBODY CAN ACCESS THE HOME? Apple cloud stores the HomeKit configuration so if you change your password all your settings can be brought down to another iPad or iPhone.
  12. CAN THE PLATFORM HANDLE INFRA-RED REMOTE CONTROLS? CAN THEY BE BROUGHT INTO HOMEKIT AND BE PART OF THE SOLUTION? Yes. Any remote control can have its' frequencies learnt and we then install a repeater which can send those frequencies to your device: blinds, air conditioners, amplifiers, fans, etc. What one cannot do via infra-red is get the status of a device.
  13. CAN I CONTROL THE TV VIA HOMEKIT? Yes. Any function on the remote control (or sequence of button presses) can be harnessed and most big brands (post 2015 models) are supported, namely Sony, LG, Samsung TVs.
  14. CAN I LINK DEVICES TO A SCENE AND CREATE AN AUTOMATION? Yes. Any number of devices can be linked to a single button. For example: When arming the house, put down the blinds, turn off the heating, the TVs and leave the entrance light on.
  15. DO I NEED GOOD WI-FI IN THE HOUSE? Yes. Any device (wall switches, TVs, etc) that depend on Wi-Fi connectivity will need a strong local Wi-Fi signal. If you are having trouble or have some areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity, we have IT technicians across the country that can visit your home and consult you directly re Wi-Fi solutions.
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