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Remote Controls

Learn buttons from your remote controls and use them via HomeKit™ and Siri™

House-mate smart remote control solutions learn your existing remote buttons and deliver their functionality via HomeKit™ or Siri™.

The number of remote controls can quickly add up when you count TVs, Amplifiers, Foxtel, AppleTV, Projectors, etc etc.  Capture selected buttons from your remote controls and operate them directly from your phone.  Google and Alexa solutions also available.

Record the buttons being pressed in any sequence for any duration. For example: turn on the TV, select an input, turn on the amplifier, turn on Foxtel and set the volume - all initiated from the press of a single button on your phone, or by voice. 

"Siri, turn on the amplifier and Foxtel". Simplify the coordination of multiple devices and set specific inputs or volumes using automated scenes.

House-mate remote control learning

No more coffee tables or couches full of remote controls. There are several devices that can be controlled using a Universal Remote Control. Some of them are, but not limited to:
- TV/LCD/LED/Plasma/OLED/Smart TV
- Audio Player / Media Center / Media Player
- Video Player / DVD / Blu-ray Player
- Home Theatre PC
- Game console
- Air Conditioner
- Amplifier / Tuner / Home Cinema / Soundbar / Hi-Fi
- iPod / iPhone / iPad / MP3 / MP4 docking station
- Satellite / Cable / DVB-T / IPTV receiver

Products available online:

Remote Control Blaster FAQs

What is a remote control blaster?

A remote blaster is a device that wirelessly transmits signals to control electronic devices such as TVs, stereos, or other infrared-controlled appliances.

How does a remote control blaster work?

A remote blaster typically uses infrared signals to mimic the signals sent by a remote control. It transmits these signals to the target device, allowing you to control it remotely.

Can I use a remote blaster with any remote-controlled device?

In general, yes. As long as the device uses infrared signals for control, a remote blaster can emulate the remote control and operate it.

Are there compatibility issues with certain brands or models?

Compatibility depends on the specific remote blaster and the devices you want to control. Most blasters are designed to work with a wide range of devices, but it is essential to check for compatibility information.

How far can a remote blaster transmit signals?

The transmission range varies, but most remote blasters can operate within a range of 10 to 30 feet, depending on the model and environmental conditions.

Do I need a line of sight for the remote blaster to work?

Yes, generally, a remote blaster requires a line of sight between the blaster and the device you want to control. Obstacles can interfere with signal transmission.

Can I use a remote blaster with any smart home platform?

Many remote control blasters are compatible with smart home systems, allowing you to integrate them into your home automation setup for seamless control. The products HouseMate Automations sell can be integrated into Apple Home or Google Home quite easily.

How is a remote blaster powered?

Remote blasters are usually powered by batteries or can be connected to a power source. Battery life varies depending on usage. 5 volts USB power is best practise.

Are there security concerns with using a remote blaster?

Security risks are minimal since remote blasters typically only transmit RF and infra-red signals to control devices. However, it is essential to follow best practices, such as securing your home network. Reach out to HouseMate if you need advice in securing your home network.

Can I use a remote blaster with a universal remote control?

Yes, many remote blasters can be paired with universal remote controls, providing a centralized solution for managing multiple devices.

Are there alternatives to infrared-based remote blasters?

Yes, some remote blasters use radio frequency (RF) signals instead of infrared, offering greater flexibility as they don't require a direct line of sight.

Can a remote blaster learn new commands?

Yes, many remote blasters have a learning function, allowing them to mimic the signals of your existing remote controls for devices not initially supported.

Is it difficult to set up a remote blaster?

The setup process is usually straightforward, involving connecting the blaster to a power source and configuring it with your remote control codes.

Can a remote blaster be used with gaming consoles?

Some remote blasters can be used with gaming consoles that use infrared signals for remote control, but compatibility may vary.

Are there mobile apps for controlling devices with a remote blaster?

Yes, some remote blasters come with companion mobile apps, enabling you to control your devices from your smartphone or tablet. Housemate recommends Apple Home or Google Home.


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