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Smart Thermostats

Control heating & cooling using HomeKit™ and Siri™

Smart heating and cooling solutions connect air conditioning systems to your Wi-Fi network and enable control of thermostats by HomeKit™ or Siri™.

Conveniently operate your air conditioning from anywhere using the HomeKit™ app or by voice using Siri™.  Google and Alexa solutions also available.

Smart thermostats can be part of an automation.  Turn the heating off automatically when the last person leaves the house.  Smart thermostats can reduce energy consumption up to 30%. Alternatively activate the air conditioning on the way home.

Minimise energy wastage with thermostat automation.


Smart Thermostats 

There are many different types of smart thermostats. The Nest thermostat is popular (due to its sleek appearance at ~$350 unfitted). Alternatives start from $180 and are wired directly to your existing air conditioning system by a professional.


WiFi Controllers

Wifi controllers are used when a smart thermostat isn't required.  A number of major brands produce Wifi controllers that can be purchased and installed by heating/cooling specialists.  This leaves customers with their original wall mounted thermostat and adds the convenience of control via Siri or HomeKit.


HomeKit interface

Whether you choose a smart thermostat or go the Wifi controller route, HomeKit™ renders the thermostat to look like a stylish dial that can be controlled by your finger, or alternatively by voice. "Hey Siri, set thermostat to 30 degrees".

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