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Smart Network Sensors

Check whether devices are connected to your network using HomeKit™ and Siri™  

House-mate smart network sensor solutions enable you to easily see devices on your network via HomeKit™ or Siri™.

A typical home has plenty of devices connected to the internet. There are many reasons why a network might misbehave, so wouldnt it be handy to see at a glance when devices are connected or not without having to log onto the router or call an I.T professional?

Whether it be a networked printer, a phone or watch, a chromecast or a laptop... any device that you wish to know its network connection status.

See all devices in a single pane view and optionally set it up to notify you if a device is either connected or disconnected.  Easily monitor devices at a remote location.


Good to be in the know

Devices can be configured to appear in the status of the home and alerts can be easily turned on or off, or set only alert between certain times.


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