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Smart Power Points

Control power points using HomeKit™ and Siri™

Smart power points (GPO) connect standard 240 volt outlets to your Wi-Fi network and enable control of the smart plug or smart board using HomeKit™ or Siri™, Google Home or Alexa.

Smart power points are a very affordable way of gaining control at the outlet. Whether it be a coffee machine, a lamp, an electric blanket or a pump... install a smart plug on any wall outlet.

They can be plugged in anywhere and easily controlled manually. Simple to move around your home if required. 

Schedule the power point to operate at certain times of day or link its operation to a scene... such as when the alarm is armed or when the first person arrives home.

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Smart power points

A number of compatible brands produce smart power points. Many can turn a regular power point into a USB charger at the same time. 


Easy and simple to use

The power point remains completely accessible and can be operated manually.
These devices can be easily programmed. Turn a light on when the doorbell detects movement whilst the house is armed.


HomeKit interface

Using HomeKit, control any smart power point in your home, or have it participate in automations.  Change icons to visually differentiate the buttons.

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