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Smart Home Alarm

Control security alarm system with HomeKit™ or Siri™

House-mate smart security solutions connect alarm systems to your Wi-Fi network and enable control using HomeKit™.

Conveniently operate your alarm system from anywhere using the HomeKit™ app or by voice using Siri™. Google and Alexa solutions also available.

House-mate smart security solutions can arm the home automatically when the last person leaves and disarm the alarm when the first person arrives home.

Setup automations to occur when the alarm is armed , eg: turn off lights, the heating, and close the blinds.

Connected cameras, smoke detectors, movement sensors, door or window sensors. All can send notifications if triggered when the house is armed. 

Keyless entry compatibility. Numerous locks from a variety of manufacturers available to suit different designs and tastes.


Unparalled security

Affordable IP cameras that can detect motion and record whats happening. See real time what every camera is seeing. House-mate integrates with industry leading alarm systems such as Paradox, Bosch and more...


Door and window sensors

Secure the perimeter of your home automatically when you go to bed. Door and window sensors are a very effective way to arm the home and can be hard-wired or run on battery.


Homekit interface

Simple operation of the alarm using HomeKit.
Once the house is armed any breach will notify you via iPhone, iPad, iWatch.

Products available online:


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