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Common smart home installation questions

  1. HOW LONG DOES THE INSTALLATION TAKE? The installation duration is dependent on the scope of the job. The first phase is coordinating a time for the electrician to visit and perform the 240v aspect of the installation (and any low voltage wiring required). Most qualified electricians can install 2 of the Wi-Fi switches into your walls per hour. Once the electrician has completed their work, the second phase is the programming which takes approximately one week, and the final phase is when handover is performed. We will manage your expectations at quote stage to ensure you know what the sequence of events are and their associated timings. 
  2. WHAT DOES IT COST? Entry level plug and play systems start at $2,200 with most installations ranging between $5,000 - $17,000 depending upon the level of integration desired by the client, what systems they have in place, and the scale of the job.
  3. CAN I USE MY OWN ELECTRICIAN FOR THE INSTALLATION? Yes, you can, however we also have tried and tested electricians in every state (recommended approach). All equipment is certified to strict AU standards so any registered electrician can install the Wi-Fi switches however joining the devices onto your Wi-Fi network is not something that every electrician knows how to do or is interested performing. Our electricians provide certificates of completion once their work is done and know our range of products.
  4. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG AFTER THE INSTALLATION? Our team's objective is to keep our customers happy and ensure all are raving fans of House-mate. The platform can be remotely supported by our technicians, 12 months support is included from the date of handover. A site visit can be arranged if necessary, however that comes at a charge of $85 p/hour and only occurs once it is determined the issue can't be resolved remotely.
  5. WHAT IF I WANT TO ADD COMPONENTS TO THE SYSTEM AFTER THE INITIAL INSTALL? The system scales very easily and can be retro fitted into homes. Additional software components can be installed remotely, any physical components will of course require attendance onsite to be fitted. Some clients prefer to start with a few components (such as lighting and basic security) and then scale to cameras, thermostats, irrigation, audio/visual.

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